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I hope you all feel hoopy woopy great- at work, at home or on the road!!? Passion and practice is all it takes, if you wanna learn something new.

It’s been a year of learning balance and flow for me. Still working on my handstand. I miss the circus class that I started in Halifax. I just edited a short winter flow clip that you can watch here. I recorded it in January this year at the harbor in Rostock and forgot about it. Winter always means less chances to practice hooping, because it’s getting to cold to hoop outside here in Germany. Hoops love skin contact…clothes make it so much harder to hoop, so every winter flow is challenge. Always wondering how Canadian hoopers solve this problem. Send me your tips and links! 🙂

Cheers from Warnemuende and Rostock! I’m off for my indoor dance class at Tanzland Rostock…


PS: More hoop pics and clips coming up…realized I collected quiet a bit of material over the last few years.


Soccer Excursion: 6:1 for Germany

If you follow my blog on a regular basis you know, that I’m not a big soccer fan. I watch games now and then during World Cup and usually I cross my fingers for the smaller teams.

Last week however I got pretty excited over the European Championship qualification for Germany. The team won 6:1 against Northern Ireland. I got invited by my friend Maika, who happens to be the Team Manager of the national German soccer team and the first woman ever in this position by the way, to watch the game live at Frankfurt stadium. Continue reading Soccer Excursion: 6:1 for Germany

“Etwas können, was kein Anderer kann”

Fotocredit: Karl und Monika Förster / Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden

Tilo Nest und Ensemble erschaffen für Tyll mit Papierbögen und Erde einen faszinierenden Bühnenkosmos am Hessischen Staatstheater Wiesbaden

 „Schaut, der Tyll ist da!“ Auf der dünnen Schnur, hoch im Bühnenhimmel, erscheint ein Fuß…dann ein zweiter…ja, da balanciert er doch – der Tyll!!! „Ihr Deppen. Ihr Narren“ – jetzt schmeißt schon Euren blöden rechten Schuh! Tumult bricht aus. Es ist eine herrliche Szene, die Daniel Kehlmann in seinem gleichnamigen Roman geschaffen hat, und meine Lust im Theater war groß, den Schuh zu werfen.

Am Staatstheater Wiesbaden hat Regisseur Tilo Nest „Tyll“ für die Bühne adaptiert und ihm gelingt, was Daniel Kehlmann mit seinem Roman gelungen ist: seine Zuschauer sofort in den Bann zu ziehen. Trotz oder gerade wegen der düsteren Zeit, in die Kehlmann die Handlung verlegt hat: den dreißigjährigen Krieg. Keine leichte Kost!

Ein wesentlicher Unterschied zwischen Buch und Bühne ist der Kunstgriff, dass der Tyll von zwei Schauspielern – dem jüngeren Paul Simon und dem älteren Rainer Kühn – verkörpert wird. Beiden schaut man sehr gerne zu, bei ihrem fantasievollen Spiel, aber diese Regieidee ist die Einzige, die vielleicht unnötig war.

Bei einigen Zuschauern, vor allem, wenn diese das Buch nicht gelesen hatten, sorgten „die zwei Tyll“ für Verwirrung (ich habe in der Pause erklärende Gespräche mit meinen Nachbarn geführt) und ich persönlich hätte dem jüngeren Tyll lieber dabei zugesehen, wie er auf der Bühne kontinuierlich seine Figur entwickelt, aber verziehen. Dramaturgisch ist der Einfall nachvollziehbar, denn der Tyll (oder Till Eulenspiegel) ist eben nicht irgendeine Figur, sondern der Narr der Narren, für den es verschiedene literarische Quellen gibt, und der bereits seit dem 14. Jahrhundert seine Späße treibt. Da darf man verstärken, überzeichnen, verdoppeln und den Zuschauer durcheinanderbringen. Continue reading “Etwas können, was kein Anderer kann”

Artist in Residence – My Experience

The very fact that Artist in Residence programs exist is great. It means that there are people in this world who believe that art is extremely important and that our work – the thinking and creating or whatever it is that an artist will do while being a resident – is worth the “investment”. It’s an effort and the opposite of the principle of knowing what you “buy” or “get” that is ruling our world. A residence is based on trust in a human being. It’s meant to offer freedom. Continue reading Artist in Residence – My Experience

Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival in Fredericton

I honestly had a fantastic weekend in Fredericton!!! Drove down there on Friday for the Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival. The city was packed as Robert Plant (former lead singer of Red Zeppelin) and The Sensational Space Shifters gave a convert on the main stage. I had a 40 $ pass for the Hoodoo House venue and my highlight was the Ben Racine Band. It’s impossible to describe how the lead singer Ben Racine and the Tenor Sax Kaven Jalbert and Baritone Sax Mat “Moose” Mousseau communicated intuitively on stage (and the other 4 players too). All the songs made me swing and shake. It was great crowd. More men than women (on stage and in the audience) and I felt rather young. Heard the cd that I brought on my way home today and the song “Contagious” is my favorite. They have never performed in Germany yet, but while they were signing my cd they told me it hopefully will happen 2020. Continue reading Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival in Fredericton

Hurrican Dorian

I settled is here in Grande-Digue and had my first days at work in Moncton. The Downtown Dances event was great fun (the three mayors danced and I was wondering how I could convince any mayor in Germany to support a local company in this way) and I met Allen and Karen Kaeja and Marie-Josée Chartier, which all helps to quickly better understand the Canadian Dance Scene(s). Continue reading Hurrican Dorian

Black Bear, Lobster and Co

Let’s wrap up the last week of travel in this post, before I start to write about my first days at work in Moncton and Hurrican Dorian that came up as a big surprise yesterday.

Driving up the south shore of New Brunswick almost everybody stops at Hopewell Rocks (10 $ per person) and so did we. It’s an interesting rock formation caused by tidal erosions, but a little overrated if you ask me. Rather unusual is the Old Bank Museum and the old man who is volunteering there used to be a ranger at Fundy National park and later worked for years at the Museum in St. John. If you wanna know more about the local life he is your source to talk to. I just walked into the museum/Tourist Info to use the toilette and spent an hour listening to him. Continue reading Black Bear, Lobster and Co

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