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Barcelona (view from Tibidabo Hill

Are you ready for a Week in Barcelona!? No preparation necessary. Just go for it! Barcelona is a perfect destination in the fall, especially, if you are traveling alone and are hungry for sunshine, arts and culture. I was sick of the rain in Germany and booked the flights spontaneously with Lufthansa for only 138 Euros. The costs for accommodation are small as well and you can expect to spend about 15 to 20 Euros per night in the off-season.

I stayed in a single room at the Pension Francia for a few nights in a part of the town that is called La Ribera (a great location). What makes the city so vibrant is the fact, that life takes places outside. The waterfront is a big playground, the pubs and restaurants are packed and it’s lovely to get lost in the medieval streets.


I went hiking for two days in the Montserrat area as well and spent a whole day to explore the forest around Tipidabo Hill. The last few days I stayed in a place that was called Teatro Hostel, because I was up for a bit more company.

Teatro Hostel in Barcelona

It’s a comfy little place to stay right next to El Raval, where you can find small theaters, galleries and bars all over the place. On Friday they have a Mojito night at the hostel, which was a lot of fun. Thanks to a guy that I met in the hostel I ended up in a lovely little Gallery with a small stage that is called Sala Fenix (La Rieveta 31). Every Monday night at 9:30 pm they have a Jam Session that you should not miss, if you are in town and like Jazz.

My favorite spots downtown include:


The church La Sagrada Familia (on a sunny day, to make sure that you see the awesome colors of the windows)

Tibidabo Hill or Montjuic (for great views)

El Raval (for Indian food, bars and a medieval flair)

Mercat de la Boqueria (fresh fruits and other stuff to eat)

Restaurant Al Passatores in El Born for a great breakfast with fresh orange juice



Peace for Paris

I studied in Paris as a forgeign student in 2006/7 and can’t believe what is happening right now. A second attack in a few months. I hope, that all the people that I know in Paris are save and stay calm in this very difficult situation. We all and our politicians espacially need to be very careful now. It would be wrong to encourage fear and hate. We experience an imense refugee wave in Europe and Germany right now and we have many other problems that might slip into the background, but are also important. I don’t want to see that the right-wing parties get more and more support…they will try to use these attacks. It would be wise to think quite a while about all the thinks that happend, before we talk or do anything.

Ballet is [not] the foundation of dance. 

I think this is an inspiring post about dance.

The Adventures of J Lyn

“Ballet is the most important style to train in.”

“Ballet gives you the foundation to do all dance styles.”

“Ballet is the foundation of dance.”

For the past month and a half I have been living in a country where ballet and ballet-based genre classes barely exist. I don’t see pointed feet. Teachers don’t communicate in French terminology. Not in recreational dance classes, not in rehearsals for the National Company, not in the Dance Department’s studies at the University of Ghana. Here taking a technique class means training in Traditional Ghanaian dance. Here claiming to be a dancer means you are skilled at both Adowa and Azonto. Here Traditional Ghanaian dances are the foundation of dance exploration and studies.

Here an Afrocentric approach is enough. Is valid. Is complete.

Yet in the States I can’t escape hearing, “Ballet is the most important style to train in. Ballet gives you the…

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5 Things To Do in Cassel

Fall in Cassel

I read an article about Cassel years ago that I still remember, because of the distinct phrase about the city: “Hier hält der ICE. Hier fährt man durch.” Translated that means something like: „The high speed train stops here, but usually nobody gets out.”

Cassel is not very popular in Germany, although the city is world famous for the Art Exhibition Dokumenta and lately became know for the World Heritage Site Bergpark Wilhelmshoehe (Wir sind Welterbe). How come you might ask? Most of the city centre was destroyed during WWII and the flair is lost. People who only spent a few hours or days here don’t find the nice spots and drive away thinking, this is one of the cities that one doesn’t need to visit twice. To be honest I am not a big fan of the city either, but I live here at the moment. I thought it would be a great idea to share my favorite spots with international students and other guest from around the world, who come to Cassel and wonder what to do here?! That way I can motivate myself and others to give Cassel a (second) chance!

1) Walk around Berpark Wilhelmshoehe

Spent an afternoon in the park to discover Schloss Wilhelmshoehe and hike up to the city’s icon The Hercules. The view over Cassel is great and there are various coffee shops around to make a break.

Bergpark Wilhelmshoehe in Cassel (Hercules Icon in the back)

2) Make a Bike Tour along the river Fulda

Enjoy the ride and stop for a coffee at the Kollektivcafe (Cafe Kurbad Jungborn) im alten Badehaus.

3) Go visit the Botanic Garden

This is another peaceful place downtown and there is a small Open Air Library

Botanic Garden in cassel

4) Hike from Cassel to Mount Doernberg

This is a beautiful day hike you can do, if you have a bit more time and great weather. You start from Bergpark Wilhelmshoehe and it takes about 3 hours to hike up to mount Doernberg (600 m). The forest ist called Habichtswald (Naturparkzentrum Habichtswald), the view is gorgeous and there are two nice coffee shops on your way down to the tram (cheap public transport / buy what is call a Multiticket) that brings you back to the Main Train Station (Kulturbahnhof) in Cassel. End up a perfect day with a great movie at the cinema Bali Kino (Bali Cinema) right at the train station.

5) Go check out the Museums, the Theatre or the various Festivals

My favorite events are the Art Exhibition Dokumenta (every five years in the summer) and the Kasseler Dokfest (an International Documentary Film Festival that takes place every year in the fall). I can also recommend the night of the museums.

Helpful Links:

Documenta Cassel

Staatstheater Kassel

Dokfest Kassel

Enjoy your day(s) in Cassel and find out about some nice spots on your own!

Documentary Film Festival in Cassel (2015)

The Art of Moving and a speech for Second Hand

Second Hand Shop in Cassel/Germany

Anybody out there who is moving into a new flat these days? Isn’t it hilarious how many things can go wrong and how many boxes we carry around? It’s been a while since I lived in my own flat in Leipzig. After finishing university I had short term jobs or traveled around in this world. Even in Osnabrueck, where I worked for the theater for almost two years, I moved into a half furnished room in a living community and had only the basics with me. I kind of lived out of two suitcases. So it happened that my private belongings and plants are spread over three different cities right now and I wonder what I really need, because I have not used most of my stuff for about four years. I have about 30 boxes with clothes, bocks, pictures, travel souvenirs, presents and kitchen equipment. I think it is less than a lot of people keep (How many boxes would you have, when you would move out today?), but it is still much more then I really need. I carried most of it up to the third floor of a house the last days and thought this is crazy. I need to stop buying things.

Instead people should start to borrow more again and use libraries. I mean who needs an own drilling machine or ladder? In New Zealand I saw a library for toys and thought that’s an awesome idea. In Germany we even carry around our kitchens and washing machines, unless one finds a landlord who invested in the flat. It was a real eye opener for me that this is quiet unusual in other countries. My new home is lovely, but a work in progress. I painted a lot of walls, because white is not just white and it was driving me nuts that the former tenant painted everything so irregular. The flat has a brand new shower, but the water splashes everywhere, because the new basement has an inefficient design and the new curtain is too short. Cleaning is another never ending story. I promise I will never build a house. I also will try to buy more second hand, if I really need to buy something. Just found out about a FAIR Kaufhaus in Cassel. Really cool second hand stuff and there even is a little coffee shop. That way I don’t need to worry any more, if I break something or need to get rid of something, because I need to move again. Even better: I save money, it’s more sustainable, the new things have a soul, my flat does not look like any other flat, I save time (because the second hand shops are smaller and I have only a few options), … to be continued.

And seriously: my neighbor just knocked and asked for a corkscrew. I was pleased to help. What about your stories on moving out and inn of apartments?

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