Say Hello to a Stranger

Hello, I am Corinna from Germany! Let’s socialize! It would be great to be abel to meet up with one person from every country – or even better every province – in this world for a coffee or a beer or a wine, thanks to this Blog and the Blogger Community. I came up with this idea in december on my about page and Rachel form New Zealand was the first person who actually wrote me back – yesterday. So I started the list and I do hope that some more people will write me from arround the world. If you want to read your name on my travel-around-the-world-for-a-coffee-with-a-stranger-list, please write me! You can find the list here to see who wrote me already. I don’t now jet how my future travel plans look like, but I will try to make it work and meet you, if I am traveling to your country and / or province. Anyone out their who lives in Beijing or St. Jean Pied de Port for example? I could meet you in May! 

Take care and don’t forget to share and like the post, if you want to support this idea!



2 thoughts on “Say Hello to a Stranger”

  1. Hello Corinna, I know we have met many times and will met on the Camino very soon, and I don’t drink coffee, and you already have someone from New Zealand (which is typical as we are very friendly) but add Stewart Island to your list. Everything on earth lays somewhere between us.

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  2. 🙂 With pleasure! We will enjoy a beer or a wine together, when I return! I keep Stewart Island in mind and it’s definitely on my future travel list. If I get bored in my new job I might start to work for DOC. Love hiking. 🙂


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