Gedanken aus dem Off

“Ganz sicher sein heißt sich laut irren.” (by Ambrose Bierce)


The Golden State – California

What’s up? Everything good? You tried your first ginger bread jet? I did and that means it’s December folks. It’s been a while since I wrote my last post. My trip to California this summer was literally a hot highlight and I still want to share some impressions, thoughts and tips with you. I desperately need to remember these sunny days to better survive good cool Germany at the moment. So let’s catch up on this! We went hiking and camping and also spent a few nights in Motels and Hostels.

Las Vegas

I flew in to Las Vegas from Frankfurt with Condor (cheap and good, but you pay extra for vegetarian food, which I think is unfair). The long flight and the air-conditioning killed me for a few days, but after that it was great. We rented a car and it was kind of a slow road trip that started with the “Valley of Fire” in Nevada (Valley of fire state park) and “The Death Valley” in California.

Valley of Fire in Nevada
Amargosa’s Opera House in the dessert

California experienced the fifth very dry summer in a roll and you most likely heard about the fires around Los Angeles. However we were very lucky and had no problems. 40-some degrees are really a challenge for me, but the experience is impressive and California deserves the nickname. You drive for hours through a dessert-like environment. The colors are fascinating. Once we passed a prison on our way to the Death Valley and I was wondering how it must be for the people to serve a sentence there. How does the isolation and the silence effectuate the souls? Then all of a sudden you reach a petrol station and you wonder that there are so many people around that you missed out on the road. Always feels like your car is the only car until you reach a car park. They sold all kinds of alien souvenirs at that station and I thought: jepp, this environment supports that idea.

Then we went hiking in the Sequoia National Park, Kings Canyan National Park and Yosemite National Park (website of the National Park Service). Only day hikes however, because we lost time in the beginning due to my flu and I didn’t felt a hundred percent fit again. The Buck Rock Firelookout is a must-do in the Sequoia NP. Mountain lions are in the area as well.

Yosemite National Park – View of the Half Dome
On the John Muir Trail for one day


You should also not miss a hike to Indian Rock and the North Dome in Yosemite NP. We drove up Tioga Road and spent a few days on a small and basic campground. You don’t need a reservation during week, but on weekends it can be very crowded in the summer.

Next stop was San Francisco and simply said: it’s a lovely city and fellt more like a little town. The bridge, the fog, the harbor, the people, the foot (fantastic food really), the atmosphere. Only surprise was our chat with an African-American guy in the laundry. He was a good guy, father, fan of Angela Merkel, praised Germany and still wanted to vote for Trump. What he talked about was the feeling of a nation in simple words and when I heard the outcome of the elections a few weeks ago I thought about him again.


Then we drove up Highway 101 for a while and spent a few days on the coast, before driving into Portland to catch a flight back to Frankfurt. I found Portland was a bit disappointing and I was shocked about the high number of homeless people. What I loved most about Oregon are the huge Sand Dunes. That is how it must be in the Sahara, but the temperatures on the Pacific Northwest Coast are so much easier to handle for hikers.

And we saw whales from the coast line, so that’s definitely a great reason to return to Oregon again one day! Any comments or thoughts!? Go ahead.