En March – Macron

What a trip from Berlin to Ludwigsburg. Six hours by train and finally I cycled home by bike in the rain. I heard about Macrons victory at the train station in Stuttgart. Suddenly I saw the news on one of the big screens, in between an advertisment for a chocolate and a video clip about ants, that can carry leaves ten times bigger then the animals themselves. Mmmm. An old man behind me murmured “Ah, so Macron made it…”, but to be honest, nobody was really interested. Not so good, if you ask me, because this result was not for granted and we should care. So this 39 year old man carries the burden now, to save the European Union. I’m 33. I don’t know how he will be able to do the job. Learning by doing, I guess. Let’s just hope he will try to be the best version of himself. Let’s agree, that he has the right to make mistakes and to fail. Let’s tell the intellectuals and journalists in France and arround the world, that they are better off to help this poor guy to learn everything he needs to know, then to criticize him until he gives up himself. Five years to go Emmanuel Macron! It’s your mission and you have not only my support. You have a majority behind you. Call Obama! He carried a huge burden as well, when he took over. And finally: Merci la France!


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