Spring Awakening in Lisboa

Beautiful tiles everywhere…here in a post office.

4 weeks ago I spent a few days in Lisboa and the mill and the sunshine are still on my mind, so I want to share the spring feelings with you. To be honest: I didn’t know much about Portugal before I went. It’s one of the little countries in Europe, that you tend to forget – am Rande – and to far away from Germany to go there by car. I saw the movie “Train to Lisboa” lately and here and there someone told me Portugal is nice…this February I was desperate to travel south and all of a sudden Lisboa was under the top three destinations to go for and most easily doable., so it happend…and you should go to, if you love the coast!

Lisboa is a beautiful hilly town and you can really called the San Francisco in Europe – I have been in both cities now and it’s really somewhat simillar. The hills, the old tram system, the red bridge, the easy-going livestyle…maybe less kids/young people and less bikers. 😉 What really surprised me is the impression that there is a lot of housing under construction. The sound of Lisboa these days is a mix of roto hammers and cars in the narrow streets, but you tend to forget it…a minute later you will see a guy who is carrying ham into a restaurant…and then you enter a pedestrian area anyway and get a coffee and a pastry and everything is fine.

Hilly street in Lisboa

In the little village Almocageme we stayed in a really lovely avacation flat that was designed as a wind mill. Great fun to stay in a round house and the coast there is a well kept secrete and not crowed (jet). The rest of the story in three words: hiking, hiking, hiking.

Looking forward for spring to come?! Me too!

Take care!

PS: And don’t forget to try the famous cherry  liqueur in Lisboa.

The Mill...
The Mill…




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