Dance Platform 2018 – Essen here I come…

It’s thuesday evening and I’m writing my Blog at night…when do you write your Blog? Got you…at night. I’m on “vacation” since 6:30 pm and will travel to Essen tomorrow morning and join the German Dance Platform Tanzplattform 2018 as a professional. I will see 7 dance performances till sunday. Sounds like a great plan, right!? Hope to talk a lot in between, because I’m working on the mid term plan to find a job as a Dance Dramaturg. Till then this is all just a hobby that my current employer doesn’t really care about…but I would love to make it a real job. (Catch (and hire) me, if you can! Smile!)

It’s my first time at the Dance Platform, an event that is organized since 1990 and takes place every two years in Germany in a differnet city. This year the Dance Plattform presents 13 remarkable contemporary dance productions produced in the last two years with substential German fundings and/or German choreographers/dance company. I’m really excited!!!!! There is an official Blog as well, if you are looking for more informations…but only in German as far as I can see.

This is how my schedule looks like:

  • Mittwoch, 14.03.2018
    (T1): Claire Cunningham & Jess Curtis: The Way You Look (at me) Tonight // 20h
  • Donnerstag, 15.03.2018
    (T1/T2) Grupo de Rua / Bruno Beltrão: Inoah // 17h
  • Donnerstag, 15.03.2018 Richard Siegal / Ballet of Difference: Ballet 2.018 & BoD // 20h
  • Freitag, 16.03.2018
    (T1) CocoonDance Company: MOMENTUM // 13h, (T1)
  • Freitag, 16.03.2018 Claudia Bosse / Theatercombinat: the last IDEAL PARADISE // 15h
  • Freitag, 16.03.2018 Eszter Salamon: MONUMENT 0.5: The Valeska Gert Monument // 20h
  • Samstag, 17.03.2018
    (T1) Xavier Le Roy: TEMPORARY TITLE, 2015 // 14 – 19h,
  • Samstag, 17.03.2018 Boris Charmatz / Musée de la Danse: 10000 Gesten // 20h


You saw any of the performances already and want to share your thoughts!? Cool! Write me a comment.

Good night and let’s dance this weekend for sure! In the pub, on the beach, no matter…




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