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More Ideas for Meck-Pomm-Lovers: Ahrenshoop

Yep. If you are not a bilingual German-American you might be a little lost. What the hell is a “Meck-Pomm-Lover?” Meck-Pomm is German slang and stands for the name of the province that is called Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. If  you love the Baltic Sea this post is of interest for you, because I want to seduce you to travel to a little town that is called Ahrenshoop and used to be a small fishing village. It’s located on the Fischland-Darß-Zingst peninsula. Just a few hundred meters outside of Ahrenshoop is where the Nationalpark Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft starts. The sign with a black owl on a yellow base tells you, that you enter a national park area in Germany. Make it a day trip, bring a picknick and hike to the light house from here (about 10 km one way). If you start from the little village Prerow at the other end it’s a little shorter. You will be rewarded with a beautiful scenary. Once you arrive at the light house you might be up for a coffee (at least in the summer the little coffee shop is open and there is a little museum too). I have been there on December 30 and it was a really great walk. It’s not like you have the beach for your own (like it would be in Nova Scotia most likely), but the people who do the hike and come to this spot really enjoy it. It’s less busy in the spring and the fall and year-round a truly unique German destination I can identify with…whereas the castle” Neuschwanstein” or the “Oktoberfest” in Munich are not by the way!

PS: And if you have problems to learn the 16 German provinces (called Bundesländer) you might want to check out the songs by the German cabaret artist Rainald Grebe on youtube…here is a link to a song about Mecklenburg for advanced German speakers.

National Park Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft, Germany
In the Woods

Moin, moin! Rostock…

Beach in Warnemuende

I moved to Rostock about three month ago and it’s like living in Halifax in Germany. 😉 The waterfront is only five minutes away from my flat share, it takes about 35 minutes for me to drive to the beach in Warnemuende and the people are very relaxed so far.

If you plan a trip to Germany this summer, don’t forget to visit the Baltic Sea and join me for a walk and a cup of coffee!

Here is my top five list for Rostock and Warnemuende!

  1. Warnemuende (try a “Fischbrötchen” if you like sea food)
  2. Waterfront in Rostock
  3. Volkstheater Rostock
  4. Dance all night long at the Peter-Weiss-Haus
  5. Check out the KTV neighborhood (lot’s of alternative small shops)


Beach in Warnemuende with light house in the back


Belated note: Summer 2017

Wow! I have been very busy since summer 2017 and lost sight of my blog. I decided to resign my job at the Academy of Performing Arts in Ludwigsburg, Germany, in August. Never really felt a conection with the city and I was tired to move arround from flat share to flat share every 3 months or so. Therfore I moved back to Cassel until I got the chance to work at the theater in Rostock. That was at the end of September 2017 and here I am: happy on the coast! Baltic Sea and harbor waterfront in the neigborhood and an awesome team to work with for a year at least – it’s a limited contract.

Warnemuende, Germany

In between changing the job I made two cool trips last summer: to Halifax/Canada again (for the third time) and to France again (I stoped counting…just love the country and there are so many different regions).

On the Rum Runners Trail, Nova Scotia, Canada
Lawrencetown Beach, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

My highlight in Nova Scotia definitly was the 3 days tour by bike on the Rum Runners Trail from Halifax to Lunenburg and back. It’s an old rail way trail and I did it on my own, so I had a lot of time to think about the last 1 1/2 years in Ludwigsburg. Hardly any people on the track: just me, the trees and the lakes, that I hopped in once in a while. I was also very happy to visit my guest family from 2012 in Halifax again and spent some time with friends. After I missed out to meet Angie on the Camino in Spain in 2016, it was really awesome to have dinner with her in Halifax. Special thaks to you girl! Perfect 10 days.

Reunion: Angie and me at the waterfront in Halifax

In France the hike up to Puy de Dome was awesome and the whole central region. Lot’s of hiking tracks to discover. Funny enough I forgot my hiking boots at home, so I had to buy new once there. Enjoy the pics and let me add: I wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018!

Puy de Dome, France


Happy New Year

En March – Macron

What a trip from Berlin to Ludwigsburg. Six hours by train and finally I cycled home by bike in the rain. I heard about Macrons victory at the train station in Stuttgart. Suddenly I saw the news on one of the big screens, in between an advertisment for a chocolate and a video clip about ants, that can carry leaves ten times bigger then the animals themselves. Mmmm. An old man behind me murmured “Ah, so Macron made it…”, but to be honest, nobody was really interested. Not so good, if you ask me, because this result was not for granted and we should care. So this 39 year old man carries the burden now, to save the European Union. I’m 33. I don’t know how he will be able to do the job. Learning by doing, I guess. Let’s just hope he will try to be the best version of himself. Let’s agree, that he has the right to make mistakes and to fail. Let’s tell the intellectuals and journalists in France and arround the world, that they are better off to help this poor guy to learn everything he needs to know, then to criticize him until he gives up himself. Five years to go Emmanuel Macron! It’s your mission and you have not only my support. You have a majority behind you. Call Obama! He carried a huge burden as well, when he took over. And finally: Merci la France!

10 Minuten nachdenken über Tagesgeschehen – Wahltag in Frankreich

Als ich heute morgen durch Berlin gelaufen bin und zwei Französinnen auf ihren Rädern an mir vorbei fuhren und miteinander sprachen, habe ich ganz sensibel reagiert. Heute Französisch zu hören, führt mich natürlich wieder zu dem Gedanken, dass ihr Franzosen heute wählen gehen solltet/könnt/müsst! Als ich beim Bäcker frühstückte und nebenbei den Leitartikel des Berliner Tagesspiegels zur Wahl in Frankreich lass, wurde mir nicht wohler. Die Franzosen haben heute eigentlich wirklich keine Wahl…was tun, wenn man schon absehen kann, dass der dann hoffentlich heute Abend gewählte jüngste Präsident Frankreichs, es dananch tatsächlich verdammt schwer haben wird, irgend etwas durch zu bekommen, weil er eigentlich eben nicht die Mehrheit hinter sich vereinen konnte. Was heißt es, wenn die Leute dich wählen, nur weil sie eine andere Katastrophe verhindern wollen? Er ist klug, aber wird es ihm gelingen mit denen ins Gespräch zu kommen, die nicht zur Elite gehören? Als ich letztes Wochenende in Paris war (eine Woche vor der Wahl) habe ich mich eigentlich gewundert. Man hatte den Eindruck, dass es die Franzosen garnicht so richtig interessiert. Ich habe jedenfalls keine Demos gesehen und auch keinen getroffen, der die Leute aufgerufen hat: “Geht wählen!” Keine großen Bewegungen, die Marine Le Pen, verhindert wollen. Da scheint die Motivation 2002 noch größer gewesen zu sein.
Nur einmal habe ich in den drei Tagen einen Schriftzug gegen den Front National gesehen und hier und da waren ein paar Plakate beschmiert, aber sonst…wen interessiert diese Wahl?

Und natürlich sind jetzt plötzlich vermeintliche “News” oder “Fake News” aufgetaucht. Spätestens bei diesen Zeilen hatte ich für heute schon wieder genug von diesem tollen Internet und der Schnelligkeit. Dann mit diesem beim Frühstück angeeigneten neuen Wissen auf in den nächsten Konferenztag gestartet. Bitte geht wählen liebe Franzosen und danach sehen wir weiter…

Camino: From St. Jean Pied de Port to Pamplona

You might wonder why I stoped writing all of a sudden!? Well I went on a walk at the end of May, without any technical equipment really, so I just wrote my diary. In June I started to work full time in a new position at the Academy of Performing Arts in Ludwigsburg and since then I lost track somehow. On the Camino you walk, you talk, you eat and you sleep. I really enjoyed that! In the working world you work, you eat and you sleep. I’m struggeling to adapt myself to the office circle of life at the moment…maybe that is why I was thinking about the Camino experience again tonight. I’m so glad that I joined Chris and Deanne for that one week. It was not my idea to walk the Camino but such a wonderful opportunity to meet friends again and try out some pilgrimage. They wrote a great blog about their camino experience, that you can read here by the way. A few days before I left Frankfurt (Germany) for Bilbao (Spain) I found out that Angie, a friend of mine from Halifax (Canada), was also one her way to walk the Camino. Unfortunately I was not able to meet her, because we started 3 days earlier and I had to return on time to start my new job, but Deanne and Chris did met her on the way. What I learned from all this is, that the world is such a small place nowadays. You just need to communicate your ideas. Maybe a friend would be up for the very same adventure you just dream about, if you would ask. Most often we stop dreaming and say naaa, it’s not gonna work out…but that’s not true. So it’s time to share some picture and dream about traveling tonight.

We have met up in San Sebastian and bused to Bayonne to catch a train to go to St. Jean Pied de Port. Make sure that you print out the way to your hotel from the train station in St. Jean Pied de Port to the place where you are staying and be prepared to get lost in France anyway. It’s really funny. Such a small village and thousands of pilgrims from arround the world, who arrive there every year, but they don’t put up any sings at the train station. We have made it anyway – no worries – and once you are on the trail you are fine. I really loved the walk over the Pyrenees and it’s a good thought to know that I already did the most beautiful and most difficult part of the walk. Thank you Deanne and Chris!!!

I walked the fallowing stages:

St. Jean Pied de Port to Roncesvalles (27.7 km): The weather was bad in the early morning, good when we started to walk at 9 am and very rainy and cold from 1 pm on until we arrived in the very comfortable albergue.

Roncesvalles to Zubiri (21 km): Good weather conditions, no complains.

Zubiri to Pamplona (20 km): Great weather. Very sunny day, but we missed Deanne as she had to catch a bus, because of knie issues.

Eveybody we met on the trail had some knie or uncle issues. I guess it’s because the very first stages are very difficult. So what you really need to walk the Camino is a knee bandage, anty inflame cream guys and a good jacket to protect you from the cold on top of the Pyrenees.

I catched a bus from Pamplona back to Bilbao, but I would like to continue my walk some day in the future and I already know it’s easy to get there. 😉 So if I decide that I’m unhappy in the office, but don’t know jet what else I would like to do I could just continue this journey and see what happens.

Walk on and take care!

PS: Yes I visited the theater in Pamplona. Guess what: they only have 14 permanent employees. I don’t know how this art system works…unbelievable.

Teatro Gayarre

Hamburg Harbour Tour

Here are a few impression of a harbour tour in Hamburg from last weekend. We had a very nice tour guide, which is essential, if you are on a boat for two hours. The most controversially discussed building in Hamburg and maybe even in Germany (fallowed by the new airport Berlin-Brandenburg) right know is the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg. The concert building was supposed to open up in 2010. Now they talk about 2017 and finally sell tickets for that season. Intended costs for that building 150 Million Euros…at the end Germany spent about 800 Million Euros. It looks fancy for a rebuild depot hall, doesn’t it?

New Concert Hall Elbphilharmonie Hamburg (2016)
Town Hall in Hamburg
World Heritage Site Speicherstadt Hamburg