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Introducing Theaters II: Staatsschauspiel Hannover

Staatsschauspiel Hannover im Januar 2016


The Staatsschauspiel Hannover has a long history, that goes back to the 19th century. The main building (Prinzenstraße) is a new, ultra-modern construction that opend up in 1992. The predominatly white building reminded me of a futuristic car park at first, but the large open space of the foyer creates an interesting atmosphere. Espacially because of the huge pictures of the ensemble and of productions, that one can see everywhere. There is also a theater museum with changing exhibitions inside of the theater. The entrance is free for people who have a valid theater ticket for the show of the day.

The Artistic Director since 2009 is the stage director Lars-Ole Walburg and he employed some of the best actors and actresses I know in Germany. Some of the artists worked at the Centraltheater in Leipzig for Sebastian Hartmann before they moved to Hannover. If you haven’t heard about Hartmann before, that might be an interesting theater research. His attempt to modernize the German state theater system and to push the boundaries was discused extensively in various theater journals over the years.

I saw the production “Maria Stuart” lately. Aesthetically I would say that the ensemble follows a post-modern agenda, where experimental theatrical perceptions and representations are created. The video trailers of the productions can give you a better idea of the different styles of directors like Sascha Hawemann, Martin Laberenz or Anna Bergmann. The actors are asked to make the audience aware of the live event and to involve them. They might break out of their roles and start to improvise or drink a beer with you, like it happend in “Maria Stewart” – here to ironically extend the farewell of Maria (the evening acuminates in here exhecution).


Introducing Theaters I: The Young World Theater in Leipzig

Good morning!

I just had the idea to start a new series and introduce you with some theaters here in Germany, that I will visit in the next few weeks anyway. I am on my way to Leipzig for an interview, so I decided to start with: The Young World Theater (Theater der jungen Welt).

The Young World Theater is the oldest professional public theater for children and teanagers that we have in Germany and was founded in 1946. With about 50 employees and 700 performances per season it is producing visionary productions (fairy tales, puppet theater, dramas, everything you can think of)  on very different themes, that help children to understand this world better, to participate and to imagine ideas for a future worth living. The artistic director Juergen Zielinski and his team are  working highly effective and very successful to fulfill the mission to provide accessible quality theater regardless of age or social backround for every child in our society. The theater just won a price by Monika Gruetters, the secretary of arts and culture of the Federal Republic of German, for it’s outstanding repertoire and projects. The award ceremony will take place at the end of this month.

Check out the webside with all the lovely pictures and video clips to get a better idea of the productions.

Webside The Young World Theater in Leipzig

Let the childrens talk and listen, because, as the little king in the novel König Macius I (by Januzs Korczak) says: What is good for the children, can’t be bad for the adults.

So true! Enjoy the rest of your day!