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New in Southern Germany

It’s July and very hot in Ludwigsburg. I moved to Southern Germany lately. I can’t prove it, but I would guess we have had the most over-30-degree-days and storms in years already. Is anybody still working anymore? I mean can anybody really think and be productive these days? I would doubt it. My office in an historical building is a sauna without doors. I can’t open the windows, because the noise of the very busy national highway B27 (who came up with that idea – next to the Baroque castle by the way) infront of the door is even worse. You can’t make a phone call. That’s how the Greek,  the Spanish, the Italian and the Portuguese must feel like every summer. You simply can’t produce anything. Germany has a really strong economic advantage just because of the geographical location. Normally we don’t experience such heat waves. I only think about water, ice and vacation. As usual I don’t know jet, where to go one vacation in three weeks. I only know I would like to be on the coast. USA would be very interesting at the moment, because of the election campain. To talk to the people and see what’s going on. In my worst dreams Donald Trump will win in these critical times and that would mean that I don’t want to travel to the US for a while. Algarve is my other option. Less stressful and less expensive.

Es ist Juli und schwül in Ludwigsburg. Ich bin vor kurzem in den Süden Deutschlands gezogen. Gefühlt wird es der Rekordsommer der Hitzewellen, Über-30-Grad-Tage und Unwetter. Arbeitet eigentlich noch irgendjemand in diesen Tagen? Ich meine, kann noch jemand ernsthaft etwas zustande bringen und klare Gedanken fassen? Ich jedenfalls nicht, obwohl ich natürlich noch arbeiten muss. Mein Urlaub beginnt erst Mitte August. Mein Büro in einem Altbau gleicht einer Sauna, bei der man die Türen – respektive die Fenster – nicht öffnen kann, weil der Lärm der B27 vor der Haustür (irrsinnigerweise direkt neben dem Barockschloß gebaut) noch schlimmer ist als die Hitze und telefonieren unmöglich macht. So muss es  den Griechen, Italienern, Spaniern und Portugiesen permanent gehen. Deutschland hat wirklich einen enormen Standortvorteil, weil unsere Sommer normalerweise nicht so drückend heiß sind. Meine Gedanken kreisen oft um Mineralwasser, Wasserelone, Eis, Schwimmbad und Urlaub. Wie immer kann ich mich nicht entscheiden, wo ich eigentlich in drei Wochen Urlaub machen möchte. Nur eins ist sicher: Ich will an die Küste. Enger ins Auge gefasst habe ich die USA Westküste oder Osterküste. Amerika sollte man jetzt nochmal bereisen und etwas vom Wahlkampf miterleben. Wenn meine schlimmsten Befürchtungen in diesen krisengeschüttelten Zeiten wahr werden, gewinnt am Ende noch Donald Trump und dann kann man da schon aus Prinzip und Überzeugung nicht mehr hinreisen. Alternativ Algarve.

Thoughts from the OFF / Gedanken aus dem OFF

Just because a clause was writen by the head of whatever dramaturg department, it does not mean that it is a meaningful and correct clause. The same is true for whole texts. Proofreading is stressful.

Nur weil ein Satz von einem Chefdramaturgen geschrieben wurde, heißt das noch lange nicht, dass es ein sinnvoller und vollständiger Satz ist. Das gleiche gilt für ganze Texte. Korrekturlesen ist nervenaufreibend.

Hamburg Harbour Tour

Here are a few impression of a harbour tour in Hamburg from last weekend. We had a very nice tour guide, which is essential, if you are on a boat for two hours. The most controversially discussed building in Hamburg and maybe even in Germany (fallowed by the new airport Berlin-Brandenburg) right know is the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg. The concert building was supposed to open up in 2010. Now they talk about 2017 and finally sell tickets for that season. Intended costs for that building 150 Million Euros…at the end Germany spent about 800 Million Euros. It looks fancy for a rebuild depot hall, doesn’t it?

New Concert Hall Elbphilharmonie Hamburg (2016)
Town Hall in Hamburg
World Heritage Site Speicherstadt Hamburg





Say Hello to a Stranger

Hello, I am Corinna from Germany! Let’s socialize! It would be great to be abel to meet up with one person from every country – or even better every province – in this world for a coffee or a beer or a wine, thanks to this Blog and the Blogger Community. I came up with this idea in december on my about page and Rachel form New Zealand was the first person who actually wrote me back – yesterday. So I started the list and I do hope that some more people will write me from arround the world. If you want to read your name on my travel-around-the-world-for-a-coffee-with-a-stranger-list, please write me! You can find the list here to see who wrote me already. I don’t now jet how my future travel plans look like, but I will try to make it work and meet you, if I am traveling to your country and / or province. Anyone out their who lives in Beijing or St. Jean Pied de Port for example? I could meet you in May! 

Take care and don’t forget to share and like the post, if you want to support this idea!


Quote of the Day

“From nothing to nothing” (Lear in King Lear by W. Shakespeare)

My quote of the Day is inspired by doing research about the director Luk Perceval. I came across his interesting homepage today where he talks about the meaning of (working for) theater. Given the fact that I work for theaters myself and know the conflict by heart (Why am I still doing this…?) his thoughts are very inspiring. I also like the idea that everybody can take part in his yoga teaching classes.

Find out more about Luk Perceval and Yoga and theater here.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Happy New Year 2016


Hello Everybody!

The holidays are over and I hope you had a wondeful time with your loved ones. I wish you a very happy and thrilling new year and hope you can realize some of your best ideas in the future! Make plans, write a list (my one is coming up soon here), start a new project, call an old friend, hop on a train / boat to visit a new place, check out your neighborhood and most important of all meet up with creative people. As we wrote on a wall for a party: “Lebe kreativ und liebe Kreative!” (“Live creative and love creative people.”) Support them and support yourself. Dream big!

All the best and lot’s of love,