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The Art of Moving and a speech for Second Hand

Second Hand Shop in Cassel/Germany

Anybody out there who is moving into a new flat these days? Isn’t it hilarious how many things can go wrong and how many boxes we carry around? It’s been a while since I lived in my own flat in Leipzig. After finishing university I had short term jobs or traveled around in this world. Even in Osnabrueck, where I worked for the theater for almost two years, I moved into a half furnished room in a living community and had only the basics with me. I kind of lived out of two suitcases. So it happened that my private belongings and plants are spread over three different cities right now and I wonder what I really need, because I have not used most of my stuff for about four years. I have about 30 boxes with clothes, bocks, pictures, travel souvenirs, presents and kitchen equipment. I think it is less than a lot of people keep (How many boxes would you have, when you would move out today?), but it is still much more then I really need. I carried most of it up to the third floor of a house the last days and thought this is crazy. I need to stop buying things.

Instead people should start to borrow more again and use libraries. I mean who needs an own drilling machine or ladder? In New Zealand I saw a library for toys and thought that’s an awesome idea. In Germany we even carry around our kitchens and washing machines, unless one finds a landlord who invested in the flat. It was a real eye opener for me that this is quiet unusual in other countries. My new home is lovely, but a work in progress. I painted a lot of walls, because white is not just white and it was driving me nuts that the former tenant painted everything so irregular. The flat has a brand new shower, but the water splashes everywhere, because the new basement has an inefficient design and the new curtain is too short. Cleaning is another never ending story. I promise I will never build a house. I also will try to buy more second hand, if I really need to buy something. Just found out about a FAIR Kaufhaus in Cassel. Really cool second hand stuff and there even is a little coffee shop. That way I don’t need to worry any more, if I break something or need to get rid of something, because I need to move again. Even better: I save money, it’s more sustainable, the new things have a soul, my flat does not look like any other flat, I save time (because the second hand shops are smaller and I have only a few options), … to be continued.

And seriously: my neighbor just knocked and asked for a corkscrew. I was pleased to help. What about your stories on moving out and inn of apartments?