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Dear Dance… / Lieber Tanz…

Due to the ongoing project by the artists Duo Deufert & Plischke called “Just in time” I wrote a personal letter to Dance…(pic shows the room, where you can read letters to dance by other people…)

Dear Dance,

when we met in my hometown Magdeburg I was already 15 years old and thought I was to old for Ballet. I tried it out anyway and over the years I switched from classical Ballet to Modern Dance, to Jazz, to Lindy Hop and arrived at Hoop Dance.

Whatever style or workshop…I always enjoy movement. It’s like been freed from thinking. Unfortunately I always thought in all these years I would be to old to make it a profession. Still I somehow shifted from studing Theater Studies to studing Dance Studies and made all my exams in dance history at the end. Today I’m 33 and we are closer to each other then ever.

I watch dance productions, I (try to) write about dance, I reflect on working conditions in dance and I take days of from work to go to the Dance Platform in Germany. It takes time to learn more about you and to describe what happens, when you move people. You are patient and you are addictive. Thanks for every movement that you provoke in my head and in my body. It was not to late and it is never to late to meet you. It’s so awesome to know you. YOU ROCK!

Lot’s of Love


Lieber Tanz,

als wir uns in Magdeburg begegneten war ich bereits 15 Jahre alt und dachte ich wäre zu alt für Ballett. Probiert habe ich es trotzdem – wechselte irgendwann vom klassischen Ballett zum Modern Dance, dann zum Jazz, machte einen Ausflug in den den Lindy Hop und bin gerade beim Hoop Dance angekommen.

Egal welche Stilrichtung und welcher Workshop…ich hatte immer große Freude an der Bewegung. Es ist eine Befreiung der Gedanken vom denken. Leider habe ich in all den Jahren immer gedacht ich wäre zu alt, daraus noch einen Beruf zu machen. Trotzdem wurde aus dem Studium der Theaterwissenschaft am Ende ein Studium mit Schwerpunkt Tanzwissenschaft. Heute bin ich 33 Jahre alt und wir sind uns näher denn je und treffen uns ein oder zweimal die Woche.

Ich beobachte Tanz, ich schreibe über Tanz, ich denke über Arbeitsbedingungen im Tanz nach und nehme mir frei, um hier auf der Tanzplattform sein zu können. Es braucht Zeit Dich kennenzulernen und zu beschreiben, was passiert, wenn Du Menschen bewegst. Du bist geduldig und Du machst süchtig. Danke für jede Bewegung, die Du im Kopf und im Körper auslöst. Es war nicht zu spät und es ist nie zu spät. Schön Dich zu kennen!

Deine Corinna



Dance Platform 2018 – Essen here I come…

It’s thuesday evening and I’m writing my Blog at night…when do you write your Blog? Got you…at night. I’m on “vacation” since 6:30 pm and will travel to Essen tomorrow morning and join the German Dance Platform Tanzplattform 2018 as a professional. I will see 7 dance performances till sunday. Sounds like a great plan, right!? Hope to talk a lot in between, because I’m working on the mid term plan to find a job as a Dance Dramaturg. Till then this is all just a hobby that my current employer doesn’t really care about…but I would love to make it a real job. (Catch (and hire) me, if you can! Smile!)

It’s my first time at the Dance Platform, an event that is organized since 1990 and takes place every two years in Germany in a differnet city. This year the Dance Plattform presents 13 remarkable contemporary dance productions produced in the last two years with substential German fundings and/or German choreographers/dance company. I’m really excited!!!!! There is an official Blog as well, if you are looking for more informations…but only in German as far as I can see.

This is how my schedule looks like:

  • Mittwoch, 14.03.2018
    (T1): Claire Cunningham & Jess Curtis: The Way You Look (at me) Tonight // 20h
  • Donnerstag, 15.03.2018
    (T1/T2) Grupo de Rua / Bruno Beltrão: Inoah // 17h
  • Donnerstag, 15.03.2018 Richard Siegal / Ballet of Difference: Ballet 2.018 & BoD // 20h
  • Freitag, 16.03.2018
    (T1) CocoonDance Company: MOMENTUM // 13h, (T1)
  • Freitag, 16.03.2018 Claudia Bosse / Theatercombinat: the last IDEAL PARADISE // 15h
  • Freitag, 16.03.2018 Eszter Salamon: MONUMENT 0.5: The Valeska Gert Monument // 20h
  • Samstag, 17.03.2018
    (T1) Xavier Le Roy: TEMPORARY TITLE, 2015 // 14 – 19h,
  • Samstag, 17.03.2018 Boris Charmatz / Musée de la Danse: 10000 Gesten // 20h


You saw any of the performances already and want to share your thoughts!? Cool! Write me a comment.

Good night and let’s dance this weekend for sure! In the pub, on the beach, no matter…



Spring Awakening in Lisboa

Beautiful tiles everywhere…here in a post office.

4 weeks ago I spent a few days in Lisboa and the mill and the sunshine are still on my mind, so I want to share the spring feelings with you. To be honest: I didn’t know much about Portugal before I went. It’s one of the little countries in Europe, that you tend to forget – am Rande – and to far away from Germany to go there by car. I saw the movie “Train to Lisboa” lately and here and there someone told me Portugal is nice…this February I was desperate to travel south and all of a sudden Lisboa was under the top three destinations to go for and most easily doable., so it happend…and you should go to, if you love the coast!

Lisboa is a beautiful hilly town and you can really called the San Francisco in Europe – I have been in both cities now and it’s really somewhat simillar. The hills, the old tram system, the red bridge, the easy-going livestyle…maybe less kids/young people and less bikers. 😉 What really surprised me is the impression that there is a lot of housing under construction. The sound of Lisboa these days is a mix of roto hammers and cars in the narrow streets, but you tend to forget it…a minute later you will see a guy who is carrying ham into a restaurant…and then you enter a pedestrian area anyway and get a coffee and a pastry and everything is fine.

Hilly street in Lisboa

In the little village Almocageme we stayed in a really lovely avacation flat that was designed as a wind mill. Great fun to stay in a round house and the coast there is a well kept secrete and not crowed (jet). The rest of the story in three words: hiking, hiking, hiking.

Looking forward for spring to come?! Me too!

Take care!

PS: And don’t forget to try the famous cherry  liqueur in Lisboa.

The Mill...
The Mill…



The day at work before you go on vacation…

February already! Not sure, if this is a German thing, but my colleagues tend to panic before they go on vacation. We have two weeks off at the theater now and the last week was really stressful. All the things people want to get done and we all know it’s just not possible. Now I’m sitting in a hostel in Hamburg with a glass of wine and I’m exhausted. So I skipped doing something here like going to see a theater show or so. I walked arround for two hours to find a nice place to eat and ended up in the theater bar of the German main theater here, but even that was a disappointment. All of a sudden, I was the only person in the hall, because all the guests left to see the show and the atmo was kind off weird – so I left. Usually theater bars are also open for other guests, but they close here once the show started. Really looking forward to spent a few days in Portugal. Never been there jet. Can’t wait to open my eyes and see the colors, be kissed by the sun and the positive spirit of the southerners! Learn a few new words, get inspired…any tips for Lisboa folks?

More Ideas for Meck-Pomm-Lovers: Ahrenshoop

Yep. If you are not a bilingual German-American you might be a little lost. What the hell is a “Meck-Pomm-Lover?” Meck-Pomm is German slang and stands for the name of the province that is called Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. If  you love the Baltic Sea this post is of interest for you, because I want to seduce you to travel to a little town that is called Ahrenshoop and used to be a small fishing village. It’s located on the Fischland-Darß-Zingst peninsula. Just a few hundred meters outside of Ahrenshoop is where the Nationalpark Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft starts. The sign with a black owl on a yellow base tells you, that you enter a national park area in Germany. Make it a day trip, bring a picknick and hike to the light house from here (about 10 km one way). If you start from the little village Prerow at the other end it’s a little shorter. You will be rewarded with a beautiful scenary. Once you arrive at the light house you might be up for a coffee (at least in the summer the little coffee shop is open and there is a little museum too). I have been there on December 30 and it was a really great walk. It’s not like you have the beach for your own (like it would be in Nova Scotia most likely), but the people who do the hike and come to this spot really enjoy it. It’s less busy in the spring and the fall and year-round a truly unique German destination I can identify with…whereas the castle” Neuschwanstein” or the “Oktoberfest” in Munich are not by the way!

PS: And if you have problems to learn the 16 German provinces (called Bundesländer) you might want to check out the songs by the German cabaret artist Rainald Grebe on youtube…here is a link to a song about Mecklenburg for advanced German speakers.

National Park Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft, Germany
In the Woods

Moin, moin! Rostock…

Beach in Warnemuende

I moved to Rostock about three month ago and it’s like living in Halifax in Germany. 😉 The waterfront is only five minutes away from my flat share, it takes about 35 minutes for me to drive to the beach in Warnemuende and the people are very relaxed so far.

If you plan a trip to Germany this summer, don’t forget to visit the Baltic Sea and join me for a walk and a cup of coffee!

Here is my top five list for Rostock and Warnemuende!

  1. Warnemuende (try a “Fischbrötchen” if you like sea food)
  2. Waterfront in Rostock
  3. Volkstheater Rostock
  4. Dance all night long at the Peter-Weiss-Haus
  5. Check out the KTV neighborhood (lot’s of alternative small shops)


Beach in Warnemuende with light house in the back


Top five things to do in Halifax


Halifax in Nova Scotia is one of my favorite towns. Not to big, not to small, very friendly Haligonians, top destination to go out dancing and just a blast in the summer!

Top five:

  1. Stroll the waterfront and end up at Point Pleasant Park with a Picnic or go to see Shakespeare in the Park
  2. Bearly’s House of Blues
  3. Citadell Hill view
  4. Visit Pier 21 and the Immigration Museum
  5. Rum Runners Trail from Halifax to Lunenburg
Bearly’s House of Blues
Bike Trail
Lake on the trail…you can go swimming, if you want!