Ship frack in Nova Scotia

Oh Canada! Lot’s of memories, that I will never forget. Your beautiful nature and your awesome people. I left a piece of my heart over there, at the other side of the Atlantic…espacially in the Maritimes (Halifax, I am thinking about you): “Canadas Ocean Playground”. I traveled and worked in Canada in 2012, thanks to the Work&Travel Programm and should have stayed the whole year. Instead I left in the fall…it’s on my To-Do-List however, to spent a winter in Canada. I have also been in BC, Quebec, Ontario, PEI and Nova Scotia. I love the Algonquin Park and the Cape Breton Highlands National Park. Some of my Dream Employers are based in Canada too. From time to time I try to apply for jobs at The Banff Centre, Toronto Film Festival, the Alberta Ballet or the Neptune Theater for example, but it didn’t work out yet. You need a bit of luck to I guess.

More posts coming soon – about…

The International Jazz Festival in Montreal

The Jazz Festival in Halifax (worked there as a volunteer)

The International Buskers Festival in Halifax (worked there as a volunteer/Stage Manager)

Peggy’s Cove
Cape Breton Highlands National Park
Nova Scotia on my way to Cape Breton
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