The cities Osnabrueck (Germany) and Twer (Russia) are sister cities and the theaters build up a strong relationship in order to exchange experiences and support each other. I had the privilege to work for the theater in Osnabrueck as the project manager for a guest performance project (little tour) in 2013/14. The ensemble of the theater in Twer visited us in 2013 with the production “Späte Liebe” (by F. M. Dostojewski) and we visited them in 2014 with the production “Clavigo” (by J. W. Goethe / Director: Perdo Martins Beja). Therefore we traveled to Russia for one week and visited Twer and Moscow. The theater in Osnabrueck, thanks to Christian Heinecke, also build up a strong relationship between the Orchestra in Wolgograd and the Orechestra in Osnabrueck and realized several big concerts. I was involved in the organisation of a Classic Open Air Concert in Osnabrueck and was thrilled to meet up with more then 100 musicians and organize everything they needed during their stay. You can find out more about these projects here or here for example.

I will write more about my personal experiences in Russia soon. Just to let you know already, it was very easy to overcome almost all of my former prejudices with respect to Russia. It is really necessary to distinguish between the state and the russian people. I also learnd a lot about respect, different cultural concepts and censorship though…more coming soon.


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