I have a professional backround in American Studies, so I always try to  understand American (Pop) Culture, History and Politics better and stay tuned. In the beginning I had choosen the subject as a minor at the universit, because I met a lovely US family in my hometown Magdeburg. They moved from Texas to Germany and had a little coffee shop, where I spent a lot of time and learned English (better than at school) and how to play drums. I also thought it would be helpful to know more about a global power back then and it was a good choice. It was a fascinating suject to study and I have been in the USA a few times over the years since then. I joined a Study Tour on Immigration & Ethnicity to the Upper Mid West (Chicago, Madison, Minneapolis). You can find out more about this awesome tour on the Blog: Study Tour Immigration & Ethnicity All the students wrote interesting posts and there is also one that came out of my pen: Jane Addams Hull House Chicago


I have also been on vacation on the West Coast (California, Oregon and Washington) and on the East Coast (Main, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York State, loved the Acadia National Park). I really enjoy the easy-going livestyl in the US. You guys are always up for a talk and very friendly!!! I would love to visit New York City and the Off-Off-Broadway. It would be even better to work for a while for a theater in one of the big cities in the US. I would not turn down a job offer…write me!

More informations and pictures about my trips coming soon…

11/9 Election of Trump was a chock. Since then I don’t really understand what is going on in the US, even through Miachel Moore is doing a great job to explain the developments…

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