Festivals & Exhibitions & Conferences

I love to attend Festivals, Exhibitions and Conferences as a participant, join them as a volunteer or staff member and write about my experiences. Here is an overview of events that I attended, can recommend and will try to fallow up in the future.

Theatre / Film / Dance / Multimedia:

Fringe Festivals, Buskers Festivals, Theatre Festivals & Conferences, Documentary Film Festivals

Euro-Scene Leipzig (Dance Festival)

Tanzkongress (Dance Congress Hannover 2016)

documenta (Art Exhibition in Cassel)

Musikmesse Frankfurt (+ Music Exhibition Frankfurt / Prolight & Sound Conference)

DOC Leipzig (Documentary Film Festival)

Berlinale (International Film Festival in Berlin)

Konferenz der Dramaturgischen Gesellschaft (Conference once a year in January)

Theater der Welt (organized by the International Theater Inistitut Germany)


To become a volunteer for Festivals arround the world is a great way to learn more about how the Festivals work inside and an awesome chance to meet local people.

So far I volunteered for the following Festivals:

The International Jazz Festival in Halifax, Canada (2012)

The International Buskers Festival in Halifax, Canada (2013)

The International Fringe Festival in Wellington, New Zealand (2015)

It would be even better to work for these awesome Festivals! Write me, if you are still looking for a Stage Manager, Dramaturg or Project Coordinator!


I already worked for:

The International Film Festival Berlinale in Berlin, Germany (2011 and 2012)



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