My Bucket List

Work in progress…
1. Find (new) good friends around the world
2. Hike the Appalachian Trail in the USA
3. Hike the Camino de Santiago
4. Trans Canada Trail
5. West Coast Trail Vancouver Island, Canada
6. Visit the Rocky Mountains
7. Travel around in South American
8. Travel around in Africa
9. Travel around in Greece
10. Travel around in Down Under
11. Travel around in Brasil
12. New York
13. Washington
14. New Orleans
15. San Francisco
16. St. Petersburg
17. Beijing
18. Lissabon
19. Rom
20. See the Northern Lights
21. Invite good friends to a New Years Eve Theme Party
22. Go to a Halloween Party in North America
23. Learn how to ski
24. Learn Spanish
25. Learn Italian
26. Improve my French
27. Learn to dance Lindy Hop
28. Learn Swing
29. Learn Salsa
30. Learn Tango
31. Visit the Theater Festival in Avignon
32. See a Cirque du Soleil Show
33. Edinburgh Fringe Festival
34. Toronto Film Festival
35. Burning Man Festival Nevada
36. Learn more about Chinese Opera
37. Go to the Oscars
38. Work with the Weta Cave in Wellington
39. Make a movie
40. Tori Amos Concert
41. Madonna Concert
42. Robbie Williams Concert
43. Meet up with Lloyd Newson
44. Meet up with Madonna
45. Workshop with Jessica Smith
46. Workshop with Deanne Love from Hooplovers
47. Make a Hula Hoop Certificate
48. Become a Hula Hoop Teacher
49. Skydive
50. Learn how to play the Guitar
51. Learn Piano
52. Learn to sing
53. Learn to dive
54. Learn to surf
55. Start an Online Business
56. Give TEDx Talk
57. See a show at the Metropolitan Opera New York
58. Visit a good friend in Martinique
59. Work with Helena Waldmann
60. Work at the Banff Center
61. Work around the world
62. Flat in Berlin
63. Live in Halifax
64. photo exhibition
65. unicycle
66. learn handstand
67. volunteer for the Spirit of New Zealand
68. Wwoofen
69. Open up a Hostel and / or café shop
70. Write a book
71. Raise money to publish a book
72. Become a travel journalist
73. Become a coffee shop critic
74. Make money writing
75. Become a Dance Dramaturg
76. Raise money for a theater/dance festival

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