The Idea: A Travel-around-the-world-for-a-coffee-with-a-stranger-List

Let’s socialize! It would be great to be able to meet up with one Blogger from every country – or even better every province – in this world for a coffee, thanks to this Blog and the Blogger Community. If you want to become the first person of a Blogger Community that I know and could meet up with in your home country, please write me your contact details. If I am on my way to travel to your your country / province / city I will let you know and maybe it works out and we can meetup for a coffee!

Here are the Bloggers who wrote me already:

Rachel form Rotorua, New Zealand (added in April, 2016)

Chris from Stewart Island, New Zealand (added in April, 2016)

Your country or province (or city) is not on the list jet? Please write me! I am looking forward to hereing from you!

Cheers Corinna



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