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Want to know more about me?


Hi, Hello, Salut, Kia ora! Great, that you found this Blog!

I’m Corinna, a thirty-something woman from Germany. I started blogging in 2014, because I made a long trip to New Zealand and I thought it would be great to share my adventures and thoughts with the world. The trip was all about traveling, meeting new people, trying new things and reflect a little more on what really matters to me. If you want to learn more about it read:


The year abroad is already over, but I still want to write and share my thoughts, so I decided to create this new Blog ReiseKulturGedanken (TravelCultureThoughts). I usually write in English or German and blog about topics like art, dance, theatre and travelling. Sometimes about random things too. Check out my bucket list to find out more about my future plans and don’t forget to write my, if you want to read your name on my Hello Blogger.

Backround? I studied Theater, Communication & Media and American Studies at the University in Leipzig and all of those subjects really refect my interests. After living in France (studies) and Canada (work & travel) my trip to New Zealand (work & travel) was the third long-term stay abroad and I enjoy to share my experiences. I always feel a Wanderlust and therefore don’t really know what to do next here back home. Writing is a great way to think and come up with new ideas for me, so I guess that is, why I am here and what this is all about. Love to hear feedback from you on both Blogs!

All the best,