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Next Stop China! Let’s learn Chinese!


I’m getting ready for my trips to China and to Spain. Unfortunately I don’t speak neither Chinese nor Spanish. The last few days I read a lot to prepare myself and learned a bit more about the cultural differences between China and Germany. I also listend to chinese and spanish tutorials. Do you want to learn Chinese? Try chineasy. It’s an idea developed by ShaoLan Hsueh to help people to learn some basic chinese characters. Guess what: It works and I do enjoy it. She gave an interesting TED talk that you can find here. If her thesis is right and one only needs about 200 characters to read basic chinese, then there is hope for me. This really is an idea worth to spread. The design is great and the pattern she comes up with to help people to understand Chinese is clever. I hope I’m making the same progress in Spanish. Looking forward to discover Beijing and walk a bit of the Camino de Francés soon. Stay tuned and fallow me.