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Marburger Christmas Market

I have visited the Christmas Market in Marburg (one hour away from Cassel by train) for the first time and it’s a real secret. Marburg is a small town (73000 inhabitants) with a castle, medieval streets and a lot of students arround.

There are two Christmas Markets infact that are less crowded than the Christmas Market in Cassel. One is arround the Elisabeth Church and one is infront of the old Town Hall. Inside of the Town Hall you will find a lovely Crèche Exhibition right now. The merchants sell ceramics, toys, socks, gloves and scarfs in all the different colors you can think of. Not to mention all the sweet things that are available, if you get hungry.

There are also a lot of extraordinary creative shops in Marburg, e.g. “My Regalbrett” where artists rent a shelf and sell their handmade products (jewelery, self-knitted things, cards, bookmarks, cockies, etc.). I found a lot of small christmas presents while I strolled arround. I would say you should allow yourself a full day to really enjoy the atmosphere in Marburg. IThe city was a real discovery for me at the end of this year and I will defenetly check it out again in a different season. Did you made a discovery lately? Let me know about it!

And if we don’t get in touch in the next few days, I wish you Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year 2016!

Me at the Marburger Christmas Market (Town Hall in the back)
In the mood for gingerbread?

December in Germany

Have you ever visited Germany in December? It’s a magic month, where all of a sudden Germans become a little more social and might even say “hi” to a stranger like you at one of the various Christmas Markets. It’s the decorations, lighting, music, the sweet smell of “Mutzenmandeln” (traditional warm pastry with icing sugar) and of course “Gluehwein” (mulled wine) that seduces us to smile and be happy. I have visited Christmas Markets is France and New Zealand, but believe me it’s worth a trip to come to Germany and enjoy the extended version of it all. Huge real Christmas Trees everywhere instead of the faked ones that you know from your town or shooping mall. Small wooden houses, lovely decorated, where people sell ceramics and socks…forget about your Santa Parade. It’s nothing like that. The Christmas Markets in Germany are pretty unique and you know you are German, if you can’t resist:

  • gebrannte Mandeln
  • Speckkuchen
  • Reibekuchen
  • Mutzenmandeln
  • Crepes
  • Bratwurst
  • Grünkohl
  • Glühwein
  • Schokolade mit Amaretto

Happy Advent Season!

Christmas Market in Cassel / Germany
Looking for a Christmas Tree