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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Fringe* (*But Were Afraid to Ask)

I love to attend Fringe Festivals as a visitor and it’s interesting to read this post on how to survive the Fringe as an artist!

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Let’s be honest. We’re silly, silly people.

We spend our Summers travelling to strange towns on our own dime, only to plaster the city with images of our desperate, pandering smiles, and then beg strangers to come and see our new work.

All because our families didn’t adequately love us and we can’t afford therapy. Right, every single Fringe artist? Right guys? Just me?

It’s almost that time again. As the temperatures rise this Spring, so too does our collective excitement, anxiety and dread.

But before we set out Fringing this summer and pack our overweight suitcases with our packing tape, handbills and curl-defining shampoos and conditioners, here are some helpful tips for how to survive out there:

  1. Bring good shoes. No. Bring GREAT shoes. I’m talking arch support. I’m talking shoes that have ventilation. You’re going to be on your feet all day every day. You’re going to walk to…

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