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“No mind control, no wall, just summer” The Angelcy are a fantastic Live-Band


This band of very talented young musicians from Israel will inspire you for sure! They are already the best newcomers in 2016 for me and I will tell you why. I was lucky to see The Angelcy live in concert in Cassel and I still have their melodies in my mind. With songs like My Baby Boy (refrain: “We are a natural disaster, lost all hope to ever understand”) or Giant Heart (“I don’t know what love is, but I know when I’m touched”) they moved and inspired me. To perform the song Giant Heart two of the musicians even jumped of the stage to create a very intimate atmosphere. Within their songs they are able to create an ease of handling difficult topics and emotions. The positive vibe on stage originated from the numberless instruments that the six musicians around the lead singer Rotem Bar Or played (Guitar, drums, string bass and Clarinet to name a few) and their overwhelming energy. They are a real Live-Band and that is a rare compliment these days. Soft political statements and ironic nuances support the unique lyrics of The Angelcy. They aim to describe the feelings of a young generation of Israelians, who are sick of the states old conflicts and the political dead end situation. They share their thoughts, hopes, dreams and stories and in doing so create a bit of hope for a more peaceful future full of music and love. If you missed the concerts in Germany you should check out their music here or here and buy their new CD EXIT INSIDE.