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Moin, moin! Rostock…

Beach in Warnemuende

I moved to Rostock about three month ago and it’s like living in Halifax in Germany. ūüėČ The waterfront is only five minutes away from my flat share, it takes about 35 minutes for me to drive to the beach in Warnemuende and the people are very relaxed so far.

If you plan a trip to Germany this summer, don’t forget to visit the Baltic Sea and join me for a walk and a cup of coffee!

Here is my top five list for Rostock and Warnemuende!

  1. Warnemuende (try a “Fischbr√∂tchen” if you like sea food)
  2. Waterfront in Rostock
  3. Volkstheater Rostock
  4. Dance all night long at the Peter-Weiss-Haus
  5. Check out the KTV neighborhood (lot’s of alternative small shops)


Beach in Warnemuende with light house in the back