German Hoop Convention 2017


Hi Hoopers,

just a quick summary of the German Hula Hoop Convention in Hannover this summer. It was my first retreat ever and I was so excited to finally meet some of my favorite teachers, Deanne Love (from Australia) and Babs Robins (from Canada) among them, in workshops. It was a true gift and so inspiring to share the joy of hooping with about 200 other hoopers from Germany, Europe and around the world. It‘s all about learning and steeling tricks! You see something, you wonder how they do it and you ask. I managed to learn easy duck outs and flow combinations and couldn’t help but wonder how Geoffrey Szuszkiewicz is doing all the head hooping. Learnd that joggling is way easier than on body hooping and I bought myself a third new hoop. 😉 This hoop is a polypro dance hoop that’s awesome to play with. First time I taped it myself. More glitter in my life. YEAR! If you are about to tape a hoop for the first time yourself, check out some of the  helpful youtube clips. I would totally recommend to join the retreat in Hannover next year or any other retreat that might happen in your region. It’s the best thing you can do, if you wanna push your hooping tot he next level. If you now about awesome hoop retreats that you would recommend, please let me know! I’m looking forward to travel a bit and meet more talents.

With hooplove,


German Hoop Convention Group Pic 2017
Geoffrey Szuszkiewicz (left) teaching head hooping
Me with Glitter from Deanne Love 🙂
Warm Up with Jane Fondle at 9 am
Streetching and Chilling
LED Flash Hoop downtown