About Me

Hi, Hello, Kia Ora, Salut, Ciao, Hola! Great, that you found this Blog!

I  am Corinna, a thirty-something woman from Germany and based in Rostock on the Baltic Sea at the moment. I live, I love, I observe, I dance, I hulahoop, I walk/bike/drive/fly around and I blog about traveling, hiking, cultural events (e.g. performing arts and dance), coffee & cake and other things that matter to me – in German or English, just as it makes sense. You will also find a lot of pictures on this blog, because I like photography as well. If you enjoy reading travel stories or want to learn more about the German performing arts and culture scene this Blog might be of interest for you. I hope to inspire people arround the world, who have similar intersts. It would be great to get in contact with like-minded folks and be abel to meet up with one person from every country – or even better every province – arround this world for a coffee during my traveltimes, thanks to this Blog. That’ s why I came up with the “Say hello to a stranger” challenge (posted on december 9, 2015). If you want to become the first person of a Blogger Community that I know in your home country, please write me. I am excited to hear from you! You can find the List here to see, if someone from your home country or province wrote me already.

I have a professional backround in Theatre Studies, Communication and Media Studies and American Studies (University of Leipzig). Lately I worked for the Theatre in Osnabrueck and traveled arround in New Zealand. At the moment I work for the Academy of Performing Arts in Baden-Wuerttemberg. You can find my professional profil on LinkedIn here or on the German theater network theapolis here. If you now think “she would be the right person” and want to invite me to join and support a cultural project or hire me as a Production Dramaturg, Company Manager, Festival Organizer, Writer, travel Blogger or whatever you call your job position, I would be thrilled to hear from you. I’m always up for a new adventure.

If you want to learn more about my Work & Travel Trip to New Zealand, please visit my other Blog called “Live from the Hostel Room”: https://corinnaabroad.wordpress.com/

I hope you like what you found and would be glad to receive some feedback from you!

Take care and enjoy your day,



2 thoughts on “About Me”

    1. Hi Rachel,

      thank you for your feedback. 😉 You are actually the first person who wrote me with respect to this idea, so I can start my virtual list now and will start with you in NZ. I would like to return to NZ anyway someday for sure. Really had a wonderful time and wrote a blog about it too. https://corinnaabroad.wordpress.com/author/corinnaweber/

      Let me know, if you visit Germany! We could meet up for a coffee here too.


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